International Veterinary Student's Association

IVSA stands for International Veterinary Student’s Association. IVSA Global oversees multiple local Member Organziations, such as IVSA Ghent. Every veterinary medicine faculty all around the globe can have their own IVSA MO, right now there are 139 MO’s. Every year IVSA Global organizes a congress and a symposium where vet students from all over the world can get to know each other and each other’s cultures! Besides these events, IVSA Global also contributes to the world of veterinary medicine on account of different subjects, such as animal welfare, one health, education and welness! 

  • Soooo… What does IVSA Ghent do? 

·      Group exchanges 

·      Individual exchanges

·      Ghent Lambing Project (GLP)

·      Internationalisation 

·      Lectures, bakesales, movienights, etc

·      Make sure the Erasmus students have the time of their life in Ghent 😉

Firstly, We aim to arrange two group exchanges every year. We send 10-12 Belgian students to another country (within or outside of Europe), and their IVSA chapter returns the favour. It’s one or two weeks of interesting lectures, workshops, amazing cultural trips and parties! Anyone can participate in a group exchange, whether you’re in your first or last year. IVSA is for everyone 😊
Sadly enough, the indiviudal exchanges are only for last years students, but we’re working really hard to make them available for other students as well! 
The GLP is an amazing project that we launched only a year ago. We sent 90 students to the regions of Orkney and Schotland to help out on sheepfarms during their lambing season. It’s an incredible way to really get some practical experience during your studies, just as our group exchanges. These are also for first to last year students. This year we had 250 applications! It’s amazing to see our IVSA chapter grow bit by bit.
Lastly, just like IVSA Global, we try to benefit your potential as a future vet, by focusing on different subjects such as welness, one health, etc! 

If you would like to stay up to date on what we’re up to, make sure to visit our social media pages!
Facebook: IVSA Ghent Belgium
Instagram: @ivsa_gent

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us on social media platforms, or reach out to one of our lovely IVSA committee members:

·      President:                                  Janne Goes             

·      Senior Exchange Officer:          Duncan Nieuwendijk

·      Senior Exchange Officer:          Wouter Hachmang              

·      Junior Exchange Officer:          Meinou Houwman      

·      Treasurer:                                 Alice Roggen

.      PR-Extern:                               Eline Neyens

·      Event manager:                       Axelle Luyten            

·      One Health Officer:                  Julia Jerab   

·      PR-Intern                                 Inês Vertessen                


Janne Goes

+32 486 33 74 94


Alice Roggen

+32 479 44 11 29


Eline Neyens

+32 495 99 22 34