GLHP "Ghent Lambing & Husbandry Project"






Vision & goals

The Ghent Lambing & Husbandry project (GLHP) is a project that started two years ago, after a rather small post on Facebook, requesting a few students to assist lambing in Orkney. So many student applied that we decided to look for more placements where we could send our students to get that hands on experience. What started with this one post, turned into a 95 student operation (2018). Both the interest from farmers as well as from the students grew so much, that we were able to triple the number of students this past year (2019). Today we are a team of thirteen very enthousiastic veterinary students. We provide lambing and husbandry placement in mostly the UK, but also the Netherlands, Belgium, Iceland and France. We as veterinary students at Ghent University want to make it a possibility for our fellow students to get some hands on experience. The objective of our student society is to contribute not only to a practical, educational development, but also to provide an international platform to our fellow students. This with the help of VDK and in cooperation of other running internationalisation organisations, like IVSA. 

As students from UGent we would like to expand the practical experience we get. Our main goal is to build a bridge between our studies as veterinary students and the realities in our future. We want to prepare ourselves and skills learned and developed by working in the farm environment can only add value to the knowledge we have accumulated in our studies. Therefore, we created this Project to connect students from our university to farms. 

Last year (2019), we were able to send approximately 270 students to 53 farms spread over the UK. As of this year (2020), we would like to provide placement for even more students and add Husbandry to our resume. With your help we would like to make this possible! Below you’ll find our email-address, facebook page and application form for farmers. Whether you are a small farm or large, a dairy farm or beef, you’ve got pigs, horses or a mixture of all these: please don’t hesitate to apply. Also know that we want to make it a wonderful experience for you too!

Not to worry, we make sure our students get information and practice a bit of skill at our Uni before we send them off. There is however a difference between students: second years do have less experience with lambing, but for them we want to make it a possibility to fly over and help out too. There is a question in the application let us know your preference. There’s also an application for our students to fill in. When they close, we try to find the best fit for the both of you. 


President                                                                          Ann van Eetvelt

Vice-president/VDK-liaison/Public Relations/Treasurer   Dominique Croockewit

Secretary/student communication                                   Dagmar Vannieuwenhuyse

Webmaster/Media                                                           Gwendoline Moyaert

DSR/externship committee                                             Sophie Smit

Communication Faculty                                                 Joyce Schumans

IVSA liaison                                                                    Robin Botermans

Region Belgium & Netherlands                                      Karlijn van Malder

Region Scotland                                                            Daphné Blockx

Region Wales & PR-intern                                            Maria Cherepanova

Region England                                                            Yanina Verplanke

Region Ireland, Orkney & Iceland                                 Alexander Taffeiren

Region Orkney & France                                              Céline Decoster


Email address:


As explained above, we as the GLHP want to provide our students with placement at farm to get experience in the field. But we’d also like to provide an extra pair of hands for you. We’re looking for farmers/veterinarians/shelters/stables who love their work and want to share their passion and knowledge. We want our students to learn as much as possible, from feeding sheep/looking after petlambs/taking care of pups/foals/calfs to help with difficult lambings and (know when to) intervene when necessary. Please read the forms below. In there, you’ll find information about how an exchange ‘works’ and what to expect from us and we from you. 

Note: application for 2019-2020 to contactus, runs from July till September. After that we might not be able to select the right student or one at all. We can however add you to the list for the year thereafter (2021). 


Fellow students, when you’re interested in lambing/husbandry and aren’t afraid to get dirty, roll up your sleeves and work very hard, late and/or early hours, but get a bulk load of experience? We’re the ones you need to contact! We try to provide the best fit for you to improve your knowledge and skills. We want to make it easier for you to step out of your comfort zone, to apply and find the experience you’re looking for. Building a bridge between our theoretical classes and your future job.

Below you’ll find an application form soon. Read carefully and answer truthfully. We want to be able to give you the experience you’re looking for. 

  • Application form lambing (available soon)
  • Application form husbandry (available soon)

Note: the deadline for application is September. Please know that when you apply thereafter we might not be able to schedule you in. There is no list in this case. You’ve to apply each year via the application form. 

Previous exchanges

“Once again I just want to thank you so much for all you’ve done for us here. You really brightened the place up!”

“Extremely lucky having these two ladies with us the past week. Their care and attention to our animals has been second to none.”